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Terms and conditions of Sale

Description of the initiative and information to the Consumer

Scillufo Arredamenti srl, based in Palermo, Via Nicolò Gallo 8, is the owner of the domain which also refers to the domain Recipients which it is addressed this initiative are natural persons and legal entities, acting for reasons also related to his professional activity. The site is a catalog of products on offer in prices Outlet, valid only while inventories. The purchase of products by the customer will be by private treaty. There is a mechanism for online purchase.


Features and prices of goods

The products in the catalog are derived from trade fairs or products on display in our showroom. Any defects in the aesthetic, structural or functional, if any, are expressly stated in the data sheet accompanying the product on the site.

The prices published on this website are in Euro. The price refers to the product under the conditions in which it is exposed in our stores.

It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product may not be fully representative of its features but differ in color, size, and accessories in it. With the exception of the main photo indicative of the product, all others refer to the product actually in stock. All support information for purchase are intended as generic information, not to the real characteristics of a single product.

The costs of transport and assembly are variable and excluded from the price (less than promotion communicated in the plane pages of the site). 


How to Buy

The purchase of products can not be completed online, but only through a transaction between the customer and the dealer who publishes the announcement of the product in question. The site carries a mere information activities. The Customer, once learned via the online platform availability of products on offer, ends any act of purchase directly with Scillufo Furniture Ltd.
Any expression of interest in respect of a particular product expressed by filling in the form "Add to wishlist" does not represent in any way a commitment to purchase. The customer will be contacted by the dealer via the email address provided at registration for all further information. The purchase will eventually be concluded at our stores in Palermo and Termini Imerese.

Scillufo Furniture is committed to promptly remove the ad for a specific product when it is sold.


Methods of payment

The payment arrangements are to be agreed between the Customer and Scillufo Furniture Ltd. and will be finalized at the time of negotiation.


Terms and delivery costs

Delivery costs are borne by the Customer and are agreed between Scillufo Furniture Ltd. and the Customer at the time of finalization of the deed of purchase. In some cases, the amount indicative and non-binding delivery charges may be indicated in the data sheet accompanying the products published on the site. The final amount will still be confirmed at the time of purchase.
Products purchased at our points of sale are delivered according to the schedule agreed with the customer at the time of purchase.



The data provided by the Customer at the time of registration or in the case of the event of interest to the purchase of a product, will be communicated to Scillufo Furniture Ltd.. Customer agrees therefore to be contacted regarding further information.



Any complaint must be addressed to Scillufo Furniture srl, Via Nicolò Gallo, 8 90139 Palermo.

For further information please contact:

Scillufo Arredamenti srl
via Nicolò Gallo, 8 90139 Palermo
Tel.: 091 6124383