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Edra is a company with a story on its own, which established itself as a leader with a break-through role. Edra follow edits own path with heart, bravery, respect and professionalism. The company created a story that will last thanks to its high quality production beyond fashions and trends.This volume tells the story that led Edra to be recognized as a well-established trademark and a reference point for international design. Edra is the meeting point of modern technology and artistic tradition. The production is the result of a combination of inventive talent, sophisticated manual skills, research about materials and innovative technologies. From this attitude come serial products so well crafted as to be unique and unmistakable: sofas and furniture that adapts to many different environments, traditional or contemporary homes, public spaces and museums around the world. Edra was born in 1987 in the thriving Tuscan region of Italy. At twenty years of age, today Edra you can define one of the most influential Italian brands and nonconformists of the international industrial design. The strength of Edra lies in its design choices, the corporate philosophy aimed at overcoming the fashions and trends for universal design, personal and timeless. A design free from any rule of the market, but attentive to the new dictates of comfort and innovation. Edra Collections are present in the most important museums and art galleries in the world, we talk about the comfortable seating of Francesco Binfarè, sofas floral Masanori Umeda, projects by Cananzi and SempriniFernando and Humberto CampanaRoss Lovegroveand Steven Blaess. Technology, personality and dexterity are the main concepts of the Italian company constantly looking for new materials or to be reinvented and new types that promote comfort and well-being. Edra is ' High tech - Hand made '





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