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Unopiù was founded in 1978, in an area which for centuries has been dedicated to the cure and culture of gardens. In little more then thirty years this small handcrafted reality has been transformed into the European leader of outdoor furnishings. It is possible to view the vast range of products first hand in Unopiù branches, feel the materials, take advantage of personal assistance and obtain a detailed estimate of your particular requirements. This year the display of Unopiù showrooms and shops has been entrusted to Martin Berghinz, worldwide expert on display for international design houses and architecture. The new concept centres on the creation of conceptual but explicit display spaces, which highlight the product even from a technical point of view. A mix of esthetics and functionality, naturalness and technology where the alternation of full and empty, transparent and opaque surfaces, alludes to a more fluid interaction between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. offers the Unopiù products at outlet prices. A top quality outdoor furnishing at very good prices.





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